Carlos Carballo

Bachelor of Science in Architecture,
The University of Texas at Austin

A traveler, from LA, to Houston, to Cut-n-Shoot in the middle of East Texas, Carlos joins us at our Austin office. His favorite book is The Giver (he’ll read it at any stage of his life) and his favorite movie is The Science of Sleep, he calls it beautifully crafted and loves the use of practical effects throughout.

A music lover, his iPod is filled with an eclectic mix of everything: Banks to Taylor Swift, Mozart to Brodinsky, Nicki Minaj to Patti Sullivan; but he’s very choosy about the songs he buys (not even Beyonce’ has a full album in his library)! His guilty pleasures are and bitter, dark chocolate and he has a pet peeve for people who interrupt others. If he weren’t a designer, he says he’d be teaching World History, especially Eastern African and Middle Eastern development of culture.