Rachel Vidrine
Furnishings Coordinator

Bachelor of Interior Design
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette

A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, Rachel is passionate about music, interior design, dogs and fitness. Her favorite movie is Steel Magnolias, which she describes as “a Southern classic”, and she loves to read travel books to learn about new places.

In her spare time, you’ll find her kayaking, cooking, traveling, dancing and trying the abundance of new restaurants in Austin. Rachel has an addiction to sparkling water and a Dachshund mix, Shaggy, whom she admits to leaving the TV on for during the day. Listen to her iPod and you’ll find a mix of Spotify playlists covering a variety of sounds – indie, EDM, pop and singer/songwriters being some of her favorites. If she weren’t our Furnishings Coordinator, she’d still be designing; she can’t image herself doing anything else!