Sarah Namdar

Bachelor of Science, Interior Design, The Art Institute

A native of Los Angeles, California, Sarah is passionate about volunteering (especially at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless) and AutoCAD. In her spare time, she enjoys baking (but only for other people), camping, renaissance festivals, making jewelry, watching Sci-Fi (with friends or strangers – she’s not picky), and playing board games.

Her favorite book is a tie between Dune by Frank Herbert and Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. Her favorite movie is The Room, starring, written and directed by Tommy Wiseau – she’s a big fan of “awful” movies – “the lower the rating, the better”! Sarah listens to Spotify all day, and her playlist ranges from Celtic rock to 50’s and 60’s surf music. Her favorite studioSIX5 project is Legacy at Crystal Falls, and if she weren’t a designer, she’d be a curator at a museum of oddities.