Making a difference in the lives of seniors – It’s your “why”

And StudioSIX5 turns your vision of improving the lives of seniors into interiors that are Memorable, Meaningful, and Marketable.

Senior Living has been our focus for 19 years.

From design to procurement to installation, our interiors empower you to deliver your brand promise to seniors and their families.


Active Adult


Independent Living


Assisted Living


Memory Care


Skilled Nursing


We are Creators who design interiors to elevate and celebrate the lives and lifestyles of senior residents. And we have served Creators such as Architects, Developers, and Operators in more than 600 Senior Living projects in 38 states and Japan.

StudioSIX5’s 4 design teams are supported by our meticulous procurement process, which ensures adherence to your budgets and your schedules.



19-years ago, Senior Living interiors were clinical and cold. Waxed linoleum floors in corridors and resident units reflected bright fluorescent lights amid hospital beds and stark walls.

Communities were impersonal, uncomfortable, and uninviting until StudioSIX5 changed it.

From its inception, StudioSIX5 designers have pioneered designing and delivering luxurious and welcoming interiors for all levels of Senior Living.

Our award-winning designs across all Senior Living segments are consistently beautiful. The designs are modified to adapt to the programmatic differences across the Senior Living continuum while providing inviting and comfortable environments for seniors to live their lives.

“When looking over a finished interior designed space, I always ask, “What did it take to get there?”. That process is just as important as the final product. Working with the StudioSIX5 team is as good as it gets. Their designers listen, anticipate, recommend, respond and adapt to every phase of each project. They understand budget considerations and site constraints. Their work is proudly a part of many Kisco Senior Living communities.”


Patrice Goldberg

Kisco Senior Living

If your goal is to make a difference in the lives of Seniors, contact Karla Jackson who has 30 years of innovating Interior Design for Seniors.


StudioSIX5 works in all segments of Senior Living and we do not change our design philosophy from one to the other. Instead, our designs accommodate the programmatic changes unique to each segment.

This means Memory Care and Skilled Nursing projects receive the same design considerations and treatments as Active Adult, Independent Living and Assisted Living projects.


We’re fond of calling Active Adult development the “Wild West” of Senior Living. We’ve completed more than 50 Active Adult projects and believe they will continue to evolve as this segment becomes the Senior Living entry point for Leading-Edge Boomers.


From the Wild West to the empty nest, Independent Living is for seniors who seek freedom, from life’s former responsibilities. We design to empower Independent Living residents to freely live their new lifestyle.

Our designs elevate these amenity-rich communities to attract and inspire your prospective residents.


Interior Design plays an important role in the wellness of residents in Assisted Living communities.

Lighting, senior ergonomics, trip hazards, and many more aspects of community life are addressed during design. On top of that, we prioritize function and comfort.


Memory Care interiors are given the same care and consideration as every other Senior Living interior. Sure, some items are scaled back, but that’s because of our experience and knowledge about Memory Care residents and their heightened sensitivities.


Like Memory Care, we design Skilled Nursing communities to the same standards as all other Senior Living interiors.

While Skilled Nursing closely resembles hospitals, we achieve warmth and comfort in our designs of these high-traffic health centers.