With licensed architects on the Visualization Studio’s staff, we speak your language and understand your priorities.

Architecture-focused 3D renderings and films highlight your designs to show prospects your firm’s concepts and capabilities.


Visualizations demonstrate your accomplishments and abilities to potential clients and capital partners.

By providing a broad perspective of your developments, prospects will understand what you have done and what you can do.


Visualizations are THE critical marketing assets for attracting and selling to your prospects during construction.

Inspire prospects with immersive 3D images, walk-throughs, and virtual reality experiences before your development is built.


3D Photorealistic renderings are the essential tools for marketing your developments and services before, during, and after construction.

Renderings achieve angles and views to showcase your work in ways photographs can’t.

Plus, our Visualization Studio’s artists and illustrators infuse life into your visualizations, so prospects relate to them on a human level. They show your prospects what you’ve created and what you can do for them.


We’re industry professionals who use Revit and sophisticated 3D imaging platforms to create highly accurate and engaging sales tools for your development or firm.

At the beginning of each project, Visualization professionals guide clients on the most effective formats for marketing as well as file requirements. This streamlines the production process and results in renderings and films optimized for marketing.

We do not offshore your work. That means you have access to our team during regular business hours, unrestricted by international time zones or go-betweens



This gallery displays 3D renderings that illustrate our artistic use of mood, lighting, and story to captivate your prospects’ imagination.

During your initial consultation with our studio, we’ll show you the formats that will best create market desire for your projects.


Created by professional illustrators, animators, and
filmmakers, StudioSIX5’s Visualization Products are
created and designed to tell the story and evoke the
emotions associated with your new developments or
Our variety of visualization products, provide you the
flexibility of media to leverage in marketing channels
such as websites, print ads, collateral, social media,
and presentations.


Renderings can be static, or they can use the magic of motion. They can be films of external and internal tours or complete documentation of your developments.

Discover which photorealistic rendering format is best for your marketing and let’s get started creating it.


Interiors are complex, multi-layered spaces that can be difficult to visualize. Our artists, illustrators and film producers, take great pride in creating a realistic and deeply immersed sense of how a space will look and feel.


A building’s exterior represents the project’s finest impression, as it sets the tone for the rest of the project experiences. Achieving a high level of realism while evoking a positive emotional reaction to an architectural rendering, requires both an eye for detail and a deep technical understanding of composition, organization, light, shadow, color, sound, and other components found in any image.


Cinemagraphs are derived from our still photorealistic renderings. We activate a component, such as a flickering candle flame or steam from a coffee cup, within the rendering to display minor movement. Cinemagraphs are effective Illustrations and have a strong role in any Client’s Marketing Campaign.


Pan and Scans use camera movement across the face of the still rendering, both horizontally or vertically, with the ability to zoom in and out of items of interest. With the addition of a well-engineered soundtrack, Pan and Scans become a beautiful, educational, and exciting product to experience.


Isometric floorplans are exciting, very detailed illustrations that allow us to open your building plan up for an immediate overall view of how things work together. They include spatial layouts, furniture arrangements and finishes and all are precisely detailed and modeled to view and experience.


VR Tours bring art to life, and serve as a great marketing tool to accurately show what your community really looks like. These simulations take the user through a number of vantage points, allowing them to interact with the floor plans. Our virtual tours can include other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text.


Films go beyond putting visualizations in motion; they bring ideas to life and are playing an increasing role in our overall Visualization Products Portfolio. Combining our technical expertise with well-engineered soundtracks and photo-realism capabilities, Films give our clients an extensive and immersive look at what their proposed project could look and feel like.


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John is a Registered Architect and leads the Visualization Team. John is also a StudioSIX5 Principal.

We look forward to helping you discover more about how StudioSIX5’s Visualization Studio can help your marketing team imagine something different and magical.