Designing to Last in a New Decade

January 8, 2020

The confetti has settled, the champagne’s been popped—we’ve officially entered a new decade in design! With a new year comes new questions and expectations: what are the top design trends for 2020? And more importantly, how can we create timeless designs to last the decade? Our designers put their heads together to come up with our annual top 10 interior design trends for 2020 and beyond.

StudioSIX5 Top 10 Design Trends for 2020 - Art Deco Resimercial Design

1. Anything goes!

Ultra-modern, minimalism, nostalgic design: whatever your style, perfection is out and amped up personalization is in. Designing to last is all about selecting a style to distinguish your brand in the marketplace.

2. Art Deco Inspiration

We’re entering the second era of the Roaring ’20s and with that comes bold geometrics, playful color-blocking and curvaceous, voluptuous furnishings inspired by Art Deco and Bauhaus design.

3. Resimercial Design

Resimercial design has exploded as a trend in corporate space, due in large parts to the rise of co-working and the freelance economy. This year, incorporating elements of ‘live’ and ‘work’ will become an equally important design consideration for multifamily, hospitality and even senior living projects. Focusing on creating “work-friendly” areas in common spaces is important. So are special considerations for power and adaptable furnishings.

4. Mellow Warmth

Rich color saturation and hues that exude warmth are on the rise. Terracotta, burnt orange, colored gems and bold, monochromatic palettes are replacing the cool neutrals of the past.

5. Gender Neutral Design

Blend masculine and feminine design elements to create a cohesive design that transcends gender. In the new decade, it will be important for design to not only be inclusive but multi-functional to support a variety of uses—and users—in one place.

2020 Design Trends - StudioSIX5 - Gender Neutral Design Handmade Artisan Decor

6. Black and White

The dynamic duo of timeless design is back! Pair together for a high contrast statement or choose just one for a striking neutral backdrop.

7. Smart Everything

‘Smart’ design is transcending locks and thermostats to incorporate even more design elements into the smart home ecosystem. Think mirrors that double as personal trainers or LED bulbs designed with security and lifestyle features built in.

8. Intentional Maximalism

Kon Mari may have sparked joy in years past, but 2020 belongs to the maximalist. Achieve a thoughtful, curated maximal aesthetic by layering old and new: patterns, textures, colors, furnishings and accessories.

9. Handmade Elements

The artisan look was all over design shows in 2019. Furniture, pendant lights, room dividers and wall-coverings are all getting the handmade treatment with elements of rope, cane and plenty of decorative fringe.

10. Plants

Biophilic design, particularly in commercial and hospitality spaces, is here to stay. Plants—real or silk—of all scales and applications continue to be a great way to bring personality to a space.

2020 Design Trends - StudioSIX5 - Maximalism Plants