Visualization Studio

StudioSIX5 Renderings and 3D Animations bring your developments to life. Our architectural visualization studio draws from our breadth of experience and understanding of architecture and design to create still renderings and animations that best showcase your design.


Well-versed in architecture and design, StudioSIX5’s architectural visualization studio approaches each project as a collaboration. Our process pairs our breadth of design experience with the latest technology to continue to raise the bar for our clients, including:

    • Photorealistic Still Renderings
    • 3D Floorplans
    • 360 Unit Plan Walk Throughs
    • Show Reel Animation
    • Pan & Scan Animation
    • Animation Walk Throughs and Fly By
    • Populated ‘Day-in-the-Life’ Animations


From showcasing design in three dimensions, to marketing your project to potential residents and clients, our architectural visualization experts will work with you to produce stunning still renderings and animations that take your project to the next level.