Flexibility, ease, and cost predictability

Flexibiliy, ease, and cost predictability 

Keep communities competitive by renovating six-year-old or older assets. This is especially critical when newly built competitors are drawing market share.

Of course, renovation budgets are not new construction budgets, so spending must be strategic and controlled.

That’s why StudioSIX5 has created a unique approach to renovations that benefits owners, operators, and property managers of single or multiple communities.

We call it the Design Platform and it’s perfect for refreshing single communities, but its real power is seen when renovating multiple communities,.


StudioSIX5’s Design Platform offers flexibility and cost predictability for single or multiple asset renovation

Here’s how the Design Platform works

For single communities, the renovation process is pretty straight forward. Based on our analysis, designs are produced according to the renovation needs of the community. From there, the design process follows a traditional path.

Renovations for multiple assets require a more tactical approach.

After analyzing each community, the designs team creates a set of different, yet related designs. Upon approval, the finishes in each design package are priced by our Procurement department using StudioSIX5’s deep volume discounts.

Once the designs are priced, the appropriate design package is selected for each community and this is when the brilliance of StudioSIX5’s Design Platform becomes obvious.

Because every community’s needs are different, the scope of renovations are easily scaled. Some communities need more, some less. And because we already know the pricing, costs by community are predictable.

Elements from the design packages can even be mixed and matched with budgetary clarity.


Karla is a registered interior designer with over 30 years’ of experience in design and project management, leading a team responsible for 644 Senior Housing projects with StudioSIX5.

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