StudioSIX5 Announces Our 2020 Associates

November 20, 2020

We are excited to announce five new StudioSIX5 Associates in 2020. These individuals are being recognized for their skills, dedication to our mission and leadership potential as rising voices in our firm.

Join us in congratulating these team members for their outstanding work in service of our mission.

Shauna Revo, Associate Principal

Shauna has been promoted from Associate to Associate Principal for her outstanding leadership in her role as Project Design Manager. Her efforts have not only contributed to StudioSIX5’s reputation as a senior housing leader, but also helped expand our multifamily presence in recent years. In addition to her skills as a designer, Shauna takes pride in nurturing office culture wherever possible.

Andrea Ramsey StudioSIX5

Andrea Zumar-Ramsey, Associate

Andrea began her StudioSIX5 career as an intern, rising through the ranks over the next five years to become a Design Coordinator for her team. Similarly, her hard work, determination and design prowess help her promote StudioSIX5 as a design leader in the industry.

Chan Geltemeyer StudioSIX5

Chan Geltemeyer, Associate

As Architectural Production Designer, Chan’s curiosity and technical knowledge has guided our drawings, standards and designs new heights. He also lends his enthusiasm for a challenge to our charitable pursuits, contributing greatly to the local community through events like Nulo’s BARKitecture Austin.

Lauren Tines StudioSIX5

Lauren Tines, Associate

During her seven years with StudioSIX5, Lauren has demonstrated her commitment and passion for the science of senior living design. As a Registered Interior Designer and Research and Development Coordinator, she has pioneered our efforts to understand and better serve our clients, senior residents and their families.

Jason Hinson StudioSIX5

Jason Hinson, Associate

As Design Coordinator, Jason is a mentor to not only his team, but to all StudioSIX5. His passion for design and empathy for seniors drive him to consistently create beautiful, innovative design solutions.