The Next Generation of StudioSIX5

March 22, 2021

Dean Maddalena began StudioSIX5 in 2003 with the dream of disrupting design discourse for senior living communities. Now in our 17th year of business, he is looking toward the future for not only design but firms leaders to continue our success as a top interior design firm for years to come.

We’re pleased to announce four new Owner Members to the StudioSIX5 leadership team:

Karla Jackson, John Greenlee, Claire Richards and Shauna Revo.

Karla M Jackson StudioSIX5

Karla M. Jackson
Principal & Design Director

I envision StudioSIX5 always being a leader in the senior housing industry, continuing to break barriers and deliver environments that celebrate and engage our older adult population as needs and expectations continue to evolve.  But I also envision StudioSIX5 being equally well known and respected for our multifamily, student housing and hospitality venue design, and branding services.

Karla has been an integral member of StudioSIX5 design operations for fifteen years. Her passion for not only design, but seniors, has done much to elevate the standard of design for senior living communities over her 30+ year career. Her knowledge and expertise in the senior living space make her a leader in the industry, a trusted mentor to our design teams and a valued partner for StudioSIX5 clients.

John Greenlee StudioSIX5

John Greenlee
Principal & Studio Design Manager

“I envision StudioSIX5’s Virtual Design Program allowing our team to design interiors, including the selection of furniture, fabrics and accessories, all from their desk in whatever location they may be.”

John is a registered architect and highly-technical member of the StudioSIX5 leadership team. Through his five year tenure at StudioSIX5, he has pioneered the development and documentation of our operations, championing the expansion of technical knowledge and adoption of cutting edge techniques firm wide. His efforts to establish and grow the virtual design element of StudioSIX5’s design services have resulted in the creation of the in-house photo-realistic renderings and animation studio. His intuitive outlook on the future relationship of technology and design are instrumental in our reputation as a leaders in the design world.

Claire Richards
Associate Principal & Project Design Manager

I see a bright future for StudioSIX5 where  we reach even greater heights and expand our design expertise to better the lives of all types of people.

Claire brings a breadth of experience in senior living, hospitality, multifamily and hospitality design to StudioSIX5. In her role as Project Design Manager, Claire has built solid relationships with clients nationwide and guided her team toward the implementation of cutting edge design techniques. She has worked to develop and our active adult studio as a leader in the industry among this fast-growing market and expanded our design offerings to include state-of-the-art trends in senior living, multifamily, hospitality and student housing. Her forward-thinking guidance will ensure StudioSIX5’s continued success in senior living and beyond.

Shauna Revo
Associate Principal & Project Design Manager

“I have been fortunate to have many proud moments, from seeing projects successfully completed to watching our firm grow, but my proudest accomplishment is being a part of the shift in perception of what senior living environments can be.”

Shauna has dedicated her eight years with StudioSIX5 toward cultivating strong relationships with national developers and owners on the forefront of senior living design. Her extensive knowledge of design and experience with very high profile projects make her a trusted partner and ally for her clients. She has worked to develop innovative ideas for a number of projects and contributed greatly to the expansion of StudioSIX5’s multifamily practice. Her dedication to StudioSIX5 clients and staff make her a valuable leader for the firm.