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Amanda Orvis
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Connect. Create. Celebrate.

Connect, create and collaborate is more than just a clever tagline; it’s an experience we invite you to enjoy with your next new development or renovation. 

Connecting goes beyond emails and video calls. At StudioSIX5, it means deeply understanding your projects, intentions, and goals. By immersing ourselves in the meaning and mission of your work, we collaborate to create memorable and marketable experiences that your residents and guests will love.

Creating is a joint effort. It’s more than meeting requirements; it’s a labor of love, blending the art and science of interior design to positively impact lives. Our process involves exploring and discovering innovative design solutions that reflect the unique character of your developments and brand.

Celebrate is an attitude of respect and recognition. It’s about honoring the lives of people who will live in or visit your developments. Celebrate also means acknowledging and commemorating successful projects that attract those who appreciate the thoughtful and beautiful spaces you have built.

Creating environments that celebrate life. That’s what we do. 

StudioSIX5 is an award-winning global commercial interior design firm located in Austin, Texas, with 20+ years of experience as visual storytellers. We specialize in hospitality, multifamily, student living and senior living spaces; and offer a comprehensive design to deliver ecosystem. Our in-house services include interior design, visualization, procurement, product design, and branding.  

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