We design to
your story.
We design to
your story.

StudioSIX5 creates environments that celebrate life. That’s 
our mission. 

At the heart of our design philosophy lies a simple yet profound mantra: connect, create, and celebrate. Each space we craft embodies meticulous thoughtfulness, luxurious allure, and a captivating multi-sensory experience that seamlessly merges interior and exterior landscapes.

Intentionally curated, our interiors are more than just spaces; they are conduits of emotion, fostering connections between individuals and their environment. By intertwining people with their surroundings, we enrich their lives and transform their personal experiences.

We are an award-winning global commercial interior design firm located in Austin, Texas.

We are an award-winning global commercial interior design firm located in Austin, Texas.

Renowned as pioneers in the field, StudioSIX5 has mastered the art of visual storytelling for 20+ years.

Our talented StudioSIX5 team, comprising designers, architects, and professionals, is vast in knowledge and experience. Driven by curiosity and passion, we thrive on creative collaboration and continually seek ways to stay ahead.

Our architectural foundation enables us to design interiors that seamlessly complement the architectural vision and functionality.

StudioSIX5 specializes in hospitality, multifamily, student living and senior living.
Our services extend far beyond traditional interior design.

We are a full-service firm offering in-house interior design, visualization, procurement, product design and branding.

Who we are

We have collectively collaborated with 700+ architects, developers, operators, and property managers across 38 states, Japan and Canada, to build beautiful, timeless spaces that prioritize the wellbeing of residents and guests.

At StudioSIX5, we understand the importance of adaptability in today’s dynamic environments. That’s why our designs are imbued with flexibility, allowing community culture to evolve organically while maximizing return on investment. Our interiors are meticulously crafted to not only attract your ideal clientele but also to immerse them in your brand, creating memorable experiences that resonate long after they leave.

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tell your story.

We are ready to transform your vision into reality. As talented storytellers, we will intricately weave your narrative into every space we design. From the initial concept to completion, our design-to-deliver ecosystem guarantees a journey that is not only stress-free and straightforward but also remarkably efficient.
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