Interior design for hospitality is all about experiences

StudioSIX5 designs Hospitality interiors that attract, welcome, and engage your customers so they refer their friends come back for more.

From design to procurement to installation, StudioSIX5 empowers you to deliver extraordinary brand experiences to your guests through sophisticated interior design.


We are Creators who deliver memorable and marketable experiences to visitors of Hospitality venues. In our 20-years of designing interiors, we have served Creators such as Architects, Developers, and Property Managers in more than 600 projects across 38 states and Japan.

StudioSIX5’s 4 design teams are supported by our meticulous procurement process, which ensures adherence to your budgets and your schedules.


Your success depends on the experiences you deliver to your guests.

From entrance to exit, StudioSIX5 creates environments that captivate and fascinate your guests as they experience everything your developments have to offer.

We begin with your requirements, purpose, and vision and then push the envelope of innovation and creativity. The result is a successful development and happy guests who will refer and return.

Your hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs need the competitive advantage of StudioSX5 interior design.


Claire is a Registered Interior Designer with more than 20 years of experience designing and managing design projects. Claire is also a StudioSIX5 Principal.

Show your guests how much you value them with interior design by StudioSIX5. Get started by sending Claire a message about your Hospitality projects.