Internship Program at StudioSIX5

An internship experience determines your future career which is why StudioSIX5 has developed a program that offers interior designers a well-rounded experience that challenges yet inspires. Our interns are involved in every aspect of getting jobs designed, specified, visualized, purchased, and installed.

In fact, our 2022 spring intern, Kelsey Sbrocco, Student at the University of Cincinnati, felt she was not “just a number in a sea of people; that her opinions were valued”.

StudioSIX5 aims to provide a hands-on experience with real projects and the ability to work in a collaborative environment, giving interns a voice in design decisions. We sat down with Kelsey and asked about her overall experience at StudioSIX5.


Q: What did you enjoy most about your internship at StudioSIX5?

A: My favorite part about working with StudioSIX5 (besides the people of course) was the variety of work I was given. This internship has helped round me out as a designer as I covered tasks from marketing, spec writing, budgeting, reselections, design choices, computer programming skills, marketing boards, communication, and so much more.



Q: What was your favorite project to work on?

A: My favorite project to work on was Tapestry San Marcos. I chose this out of the many projects I was a part of because of the variety and progression of work that I experienced. I started by listening in on meetings to understand the history and function of the architecture in relation to the interiors. I was instantly accepted by the team to give my opinions, take on important tasks regarding the floor plans, and I was included in design decisions with FF&E. Working with them opened my eyes to the entire process of what it takes to make an interior space.


Q: What was your biggest lesson learned?

A: The biggest lesson I learned must be the importance of effective communication. I personally am not particularly shy, but there is a clear difference between talking and communicating. What I mean is how important it is to slow down and assess situations and people before jumping to conclusions. Effective communication includes transparency, a willingness to listen, and taking the time to fully understand a situation and setting in which you are speaking. I think this applies well both in a work setting as well as in everyday life.


Q: How would you describe SS5’s culture?

A: I would describe StudioSIX5 as a “work hard, play hard” type of culture. I know everyone likes to say this about their workplace, but I’ve never been at a place that embodies this more. The designers here are dedicated to their work, but also make sure to have fun with it. This is also seen in the way that they are inspired by everything around them and bring it into the workplace.

I also would describe StudioSIX5 as an open, communicative firm. No ideas are instantly shut down, everyone has merit to give opinions, and it is very welcoming. In this way, no one is just a number.


What our interns learn and experience at StudioSIX5 starts their career in a powerful direction. Some of our most senior designers started here as interns to become associates, senior associates, and one has become an owner. That’s what’s possible at StudioSIX5!

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