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Our leadership team embodies a collective commitment to innovation, dedication, and integrity. With a diverse blend of expertise, experience, and a shared passion for design excellence, they are compassionately driven to enrich lives and celebrate life. Meet the minds behind our success, driving our firm’s evolution and ensuring every project reflects our core values of creativity, collaboration, and client-centricity.

Dean Maddalena

Founder & President

As a creative entrepreneur, I am deeply passionate about crafting interior designs that transform visions into reality, serving as backdrops for life’s experiences across generations. Blending creativity with utility, I turn abstract ideas into tangible, inspiring spaces and products that transcend mere aesthetics — they enrich lives. Driven by the thrill of transforming environments, I aim to unite people, enhance life’s moments, and foster a sense of community.

Karla M. Jackson

Director of Senior Living Studio

Years ago, a personal tragedy revealed the grim reality of senior living options—places no one would willingly choose to call their home. Motivated by this, I refocused and dedicated my design career to transforming these environments. My goal is to create vibrant, meaningful living spaces that our loved ones truly deserve and are delighted to call home.

Claire Richards

Studio Director
Creativity is at my core which can be a blessing and a curse. I have always had a love of art, film, music, and theatre. Design is an essential outlet for this creativity, and I use it to bring the physical environment to life for residents in all walks of life. Aesthetics matter and human beings are deeply affected by their surroundings. Design to me is a force for good to make lives better and to leave something beautiful behind.

Shauna Revo

Senior Project Manager

The psychology of space has always intrigued me, the interaction between people and the space they inhabit. The ability to impact this interaction drives me, while my work affords me the opportunity to let design and space inspire me every day. This drive and inspiration have played an instrumental role in creating a movement to redefine and transform the concept of Senior Living and to explore and expand diverse living spaces, this is something I’m proud to be a part of.

Jose Patiño

Associate Principal
IT Director
I have cultivated a deep-seated passion for harnessing technology to propel organizational success and enrich daily life. This enthusiasm has enabled me to lead and mentor highly skilled teams as we devise innovative solutions that elevate user experiences. Crafting digital infrastructures that serve as the backbone for communities and businesses to thrive in the ever-changing technology landscape,  gives me immense pride.
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