StudioSIX5 ensures the integrity and delivery of your project’s design.

StudioSIX5 ensures the integrity and delivery of your project’s design through our tightly integrated Procurement Department.

This process delivers the best possible worry-free results for you and your developments, by ensuring predictable and smooth installations. You also benefit from the exclusive pricing we leverage through our annual purchasing volume of over $25 million.

Working closely with designers and manufacturers, the Purchasing Team ensures accurate procurement, optimal logistics, local warehousing, and on-time installations.

We monitor product availability, manufacturing timelines, and supply chain concerns to keep you informed when problems arise and our solutions to them.


Why Does This Matter?

Without internal purchasing design firms lose control over order accuracy and integrity. The communication gap created by third-party purchasing removes reliability and predictability.

You also need a process that empowers designers and project managers to take action when supply chain problems threaten deliveries.

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Niching in Senior Living

Niching in Senior Living

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Working With a Licensed Interior Designer

Working With a Licensed Interior Designer

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