For 18 years, StudioSIX5 has been guided by the principle of constant improvement. We continuously enhance the delivery of our services, our processes, our vision, and our goals. Across 38 states, we’ve created award-winning interiors that cater to the needs and desires of the residents and guests of our clients.

Our designs consistently appeal to the people who experience these spaces. For our clients, this results in higher guests and occupancy rates and greater profitability. Though we are experts in Interior Design, and we pay special attention to each clients’ particular requirements, aspirations, and business models. Working together, we realize the visions of Architects, Developers, Investors, Owners, and Operators.

We bring in our projects on time and on budget, and we always finish strong.


Interior Design + Architecture

At StudioSIX5, we create environments which celebrate and accentuate life in all its facets. Our designs embody a deep sense of purpose, reflecting the compassion, respect, and admiration we hold for the guests and residents of our clients.

Blending creativity and research, we aspire to provide comfort, inspiration, and peace of mind through environments that are both beautiful and functional. The interiors we design bring people of all generations together and foster actualization.

Our team approaches projects with deliberate thoughtfulness and a genuine sense of fun. At StudioSIX5, we do not promote a defined style. Instead, we work closely with our clients to realize their unique vision and strengthen their brand. Regardless of the type of community or complex, we design to a consistently high standard.


At StudioSIX5, we offer complete purchasing management services. And because we purchase approximately $25 million per year in furnishings, fixtures and equipment, we are able to negotiate the lowest possible prices for these goods, which we pass on directly to our clients.

We handle purchase orders, delivery, warehousing and installation based on a management fee negotiated at the beginning of the project.

This process delivers the best possible worry-free results for our clients and their developments, ensuring faster, smoother installations.


Senior Living Product Design

Over the course of his design career, StudioSIX5’s president, Dean Maddalena, frequently encountered a limited selection of functional furnishings and flooring designed specifically to meet the needs of seniors and senior living communities at all levels of care. The available products were often typical traditional pieces and styles that no longer current the direction of the market? There was a need to fill, thus began Product Design at StudioSIX5.

StudioSIX5 teams with industry leaders to develop stylish, durable products which meet the exacting senior ergonomic standards and operational issues of senior living while providing the transitional and modern aesthetics the market is seeking. To date, partners include Kwalu for an initial line of lounge furniture that will expand in the near future and Mannington Commercial Flooring for their Il Palio collection.

StudioSIX5 Collection