At StudioSIX5, our in-house procurement service plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and timeliness of your project.

Our dedicated procurement team runs a tightly integrated process collaborates seamlessly with designers and manufacturers, managing every aspect from procurement and logistics to local warehousing and on-time installation. We actively monitor product availability, manufacturing timelines, and supply chain dynamics to keep you fully informed and prepared throughout the project. Our proactive approach ensures that any potential issues are addressed promptly, providing you with reliable and smooth installation experiences. Moreover, our substantial annual purchasing power enables us to secure exclusive pricing benefits, which we pass directly onto you.

Our philosophy

Strengthening the supply chains leads to optimal delivery

At StudioSIX5, delays in interior design product deliveries due to supply chain disruptions are unacceptable. Our in-house team employs assiduous strategies to guarantee your products are manufactured as designed and delivered on schedule. We manage the entire design-to-delivery lifecycle, which is crucial in today’s fragile supply chain environment.

The value of in-house procurement

Choosing in-house procurement enhances the accuracy and integrity of your projects. By eliminating the communication barriers often associated with third-party procurement, we ensure greater reliability and predictability. Our in-house team empowers our designers and project managers to make swift, effective decisions, especially critical when navigating supply chain challenges, thus safeguarding timely deliveries.

Strategic supply chain tactics

Strengthening the supply chains leads to optimal delivery.

Early Ordering

Initiating orders early facilitates quicker decision-making, uncovering supply chain issues sooner and enabling advance selection of suitable alternatives.

Domestic Sourcing

Prioritizing local products mitigates risks of overseas shipping, including shortages, disruptions, surcharges, and allows swift issue resolution.

Logistics Control

Our comprehensive management ensures staged, inspected, and timely product delivery, precisely meeting project requirements.
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