Product design

The timeless adage “Necessity is the mother of invention” perfectly encapsulates the driving force behind StudioSIX5s product design studio.

We meticulously study design trends projected three to four years into the future, identifying the furnishings and products that will meet the evolving needs of designers and end-users. Collaborating closely with manufacturers, we focus on developing products that optimize their production strengths, ensuring both efficiency and excellence in every piece crafted.

Our Philosophy

Enhancing functionality, aesthetic integration, and psychological impact

At StudioSIX5, functionality reigns supreme. We prioritize enhancing usability by creating visually appealing products that excel in practicality. Emphasizing space optimization, our designs maximize the use of available areas, catering even to smaller footprints with multi-functional furniture.

Our holistic approach aims to create products that not only fulfill practical needs but also enrich the human experience, promoting well-being and a sense of belonging in every environment.

Our approach to product design

In our product design philosophy, we prioritize functionality, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and psychological impact. By optimizing space and embracing sustainability, our designs not only enhance usability but also elevate the overall atmosphere of any environment. We meticulously craft each product to complement diverse interior styles, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious look. Our commitment to high-quality materials and craftsmanship guarantees durability while evoking desired emotions and fostering connections within spaces.

Purpose & Functionality

Create visually appealing, highly functional products optimizing space for various environments.

Aesthetic Integration

Design products to complement interior themes, ensuring a balanced, harmonious look.

Innovation & Trends

Embrace sustainability, integrate modern technology to enhance functionality, and user experience.

Materials & Craftsmanship

Select materials meticulously, prioritize high-quality craftsmanship for durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Psychological Impact

Utilize colors, textures, and forms to evoke desired moods, fostering well-being and connection.

Collaborative Processes

We collaborate with architects, designers, and manufacturers, adapting to evolving trends and client needs.

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