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Bellamy Executive Park

Union Knoxville

Accolade Auburn

COMING SOON | Kirwan Blanding | University of Kentucky

student housing interior design for study, community, and occupancy

StudioSIX5 designs interiors for Student Housing communities that attract student residents.

From design to procurement to installation, our interiors empower you to deliver your brand promise to students who want to study, play, and socialize.



Interior Design for Student Housing requires understanding the residents and their needs to deliver a positive living experience.

That’s the key to designing desirable amenities, socialization areas, and residential units.

StudioSIX5 design teams take a-day-in-the-life approach to understand what student residents want, how they use spaces, and their style of life. We combine that knowledge with our experience and lessons learned in other residential communities, such as Multifamily to create Interior Design that resonates with the market.


Claire is a Registered Interior Designer with more than 20 years of experience designing and managing design projects. Claire is also a StudioSIX5 Principal.

Contact Claire to discover how StudiuoSIX5 will create useful and marketable designs for your Student Housing developments.