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Visualizations are the standard for marketing commercial developments.

Visualizations empower prospects to experience the developments long before you get a C.O. And that helps you satisfy pre-opening proformas.

StudioSIX5 creates specific visualization formats to showcase your developments’ interiors and exteriors:

  • Films & Promotional Videos
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Walk-Throughs
  • Cinemagraphs
  • 3D Floorplans

Our illustrators apply dramatic lighting, interesting angles, and story to supercharge your visualizations. These provide immersive, interesting, and exciting experiences.

That’s something flat diagrams of buildings and units can’t do.

Films & Promotional Videos

An all-encompassing story that utilizes a variety of media formats to facilitate dynamic community engagement to attract investors and user groups. Voice over, music, and interviews can be combined with our other services to sell your vision.

Photorealistic Renderings

3D illustrations are high-end visualization tools, suited to present and market spaces of any community. 3D illustrations provide the proof of design concept and allow our clients to truly experience our interiors.

Pan & Scan

Curated two-dimensional tour of our Photorealistic Renderings. An enhanced presentation tool that highlights focal points and design details in a video format using music and graphics. Get higher story-telling capability than a traditional 3D Illustration. Used for websites, Digital Marketing and presentations.


Get attention with static images combined with movement or dynamic elements, such as skies, water, and fireplaces. These moving images showcase how a space functions and are perfect for use on websites.

3D Floorplans

3D floorplans are great visual aids to showcase the layout, finishes, furniture, and experience of units within a community. 3D floorplans are used to compare multiple residential unit layouts.

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