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Leading the way with AI.

AI is all the buzz right now! Many companies are jumping on the AI bandwagon — without implementing a proper strategy and thoughtful plan. A successful company-wide adoption of any new process and/or tool begins with clear expectations and proper planning.

Like everyone else, we are anxious to jump on that bandwagon and leverage AI technology. But we have opted to wait, and plan. StudioSIX5 is excited about the new AI technology and the potential it represents in all areas of our business. We are looking forward to ways we can integrate AI technology into our workflow and become more inspired, creative, and efficient from designing to visual renderings to marketing and IT and more.

For us, the planning begins with education. The success of any modern technology is education, understanding, and protocol to make the technology work for you. AI is no different. AI is a tool. A tool to be leveraged to help streamline business processes, enhance the creative process, and help automate repetitive tasks.

To set us up for success, StudioSIX5 has created an internal committee comprised of team members from across the studio. The goal of the AI Committee is to develop a company-wide strategy, a roadmap, and policy on AI. Heading up our AI Committee is Associate Principal and IT Director, Jose Patino. Jose is providing the necessary education to ensure we are well informed on the various aspects of AI from traditional to generative AI to copyright, privacy, data collection, ownership, and vetting AI tools from reputable and established companies.

One of the ways the AI Committee is managing the integration is by assigning an owner to any AI initiative. The owner is responsible for researching, testing, analyzing functionality and cost savings, and determining if the tool aligns with the AI strategy. If the tool successfully meets the criteria outlined in the strategy, the owner is responsible for implementing the new tool. This approach gives committee and team members the opportunity to play a role and become vested in the process.

StudioSIX5 is a leader in living design, modernizing spaces for more than 20 years to create environments that deliver on experiences, connection, and creativity. Our approach to AI is no different, to lead AI integration thoughtfully and strategically to build upon our creativity and enhance our services and experiences.

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