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StudioSIX5 was born on June 5, 2003, a brainchild of 
B. Dean Maddalena, AIA, NCARB, IIDA, ASID, NEWH, and Lea Von Kaenel, IIDA, ASID. This date marks the inception of our vision: to create interior environments for all aspects of senior living. The name “SIX5” holds profound significance, embodying the very essence of our founding moment. It’s not just a name; it’s a testament to our commitment, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Who we are

For more than two decades we have continued to weave innovation and compassion into every design, honoring our legacy while embracing the future — expanding our markets to include hospitality, multifamily, student living and senior living. We are a vibrant, talented, interdisciplinary team of 65 individuals poised to bring your vision to life. Divided into five exceptional design teams, each team is a powerhouse of creativity and innovation, dedicated to transforming your vision into reality and infusing your unique story into every space we design.


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Our offering of services

Joining forces with developers, owners, operators, and property managers, our clientele forms the backbone of our success. From the inception of renderings to the meticulous interior design process, from crafting intricate interior architectural detailing to the precision of construction documentation, we are dedicated to delivering excellence at every turn. Our in-house comprehensive suite of services extends to product design, seamless procurement, logistics, warehousing, installation, and impactful branding.

Interior design

Our philosophy is straightforward— connect, create, and celebrate. These three principles are the cornerstone of our approach and influence every project, whether it’s a fresh development or a renovation. They enable us to craft you story and enhance your brand.


Visualizations are not just tools — they are your marketing powerhouse. Uncover the photorealistic 3D rendering format that elevates your firm’s presence. Our approach is collaborative, ensuring we identify the best visual solution tailored to your unique needs.


In-house procurement plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and timeliness of your project. Our procurement team runs a tightly integrated process and collaborates seamlessly with designers and manufacturers, managing every aspect of the process.

Product design

We diligently study future design trends, identifying the furnishings and products that will meet the evolving needs of designers and end-users. We focus on developing products that optimize their production strengths, to ensure efficiency and excellence in every crafted piece.


We craft brands that resonate with your story. We understand that a brand transcends its visual identity—it is shaped by the experiences it offers. Just as we design interiors to evoke emotions, connect people to their environment, and enrich lives, we apply the same meticulous approach to brand building.
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