StudioSIX5 Associates Embody The Firm’s Values & Culture, Paving The Way For Future Success.


Our Associate’s Program is intended to recognize team members who have demonstrated exemplary value, service to the firm, and embody our values. These are individuals the firm’s leaders believe will be vital to the continued and future success of StudioSIX5. For this reason, we have chosen to recognize their contribution with titles based on length of tenure, experience, performance, and loyalty. Proven leadership and commitment to the firm, along with demonstrated willingness to exceed expectations are the hallmarks of these honorifics.

StudioSIX5 Values:

Respect, Honesty, Integrity


Creating & Connecting Communities

Sense of Family

Creativity & Design






As One Of The Company’s Culture Ambassadors, Erica Brings Her Unique Talents To Promoting SS5 With A Purpose.


Meet Erica, the heartbeat of SS5! With her infectious energy and unwavering support for leadership, she keeps the office buzzing. But her impact goes beyond just day-to-day operations – her unwavering dedication to creating an inclusive, diverse, and safe workspace has become essential to the success of SS5’s employee recruitment and retention efforts.

As one of the company’s culture ambassadors, Erica brings her unique talents to promoting SS5 with a purpose. She’s a fixture at all events and career fairs, greeting everyone with a smile and a deep commitment to finding the best and brightest from a wide range of backgrounds.

But it’s not just about representing the company – Erica embodies the principles and values that SS5 holds dear. She’s a compassionate listener and an empathetic advisor, always looking out for the well-being and success of her fellow employees. Her interactions with colleagues are marked by sound judgment and thoughtful consideration – exactly the kind of person you want on your team. Congratulations, Erica!




Erin’s kindness, authenticity, and vast experience make her an exceptional mentor both internally and externally.


Erin is a remarkable asset to StudioSIX5. Her kindness, authenticity, and vast experience make her an exceptional mentor both internally and externally through organizations like IIDA.

She impacts her team and SS5 by providing valuable lessons learned, design solutions, and documentation standards that elevate their R&D activities. Her professionalism and experience are vividly evident, and she is dedicated to the success of SS5 as a team player.

Erin actively participates in committees and other mentorship opportunities, leveraging her wealth of knowledge to facilitate her team’s excellence. In short, Erin is a great ambassador for StudioSIX5, breathing new life into her workplace.





StudioSIX5 Promoted Associates!


Our Associates’ promotions are cause for celebration. Their unwavering commitment and exemplary efforts are a priceless contribution to the StudioSIX5 team. We recognize their instrumental role in the firm’s expansion and deeply appreciate their steadfast loyalty.